Eastern York Middle School Bullying Prevention Program

 Bullying Prevention Information

The goal of the Eastern York Area School District is that all students will come to school free from fear of harassment or degradation and that all parents will be free from worry that such things will happen. We will eliminate bullying incidents in our schools creating a safer place to learn.

Because Eastern York Middle School is committed to educate, prepare, and motivate each student to dream, to think, to learn and to achieve throughout life, we are excited to be starting a new program called Second Step: Student Success Through Prevention that will help us achieve this vision. This program is designed to decrease aggression, violence, bullying, and substance abuse and help increase school success.

The program is based on research that links lack of communication and social skills with many problem behaviors for young teens, such as substance abuse and interpersonal violence. The major themes of this program are:
  • Empathy and communication
  • Bullying prevention
  • Emotion management
  • Problem solving, decision making, and goal setting
  • Substance abuse prevention
Throughout the year, teachers, administrators, and other school staff will participate by integrating the program's concepts into everyday interactions through Wellness classes. Families will also be encouraged to get involved in the program through teacher communication and homework assignments.

By participating in this program, we are all playing a vital role in helping students develop skills, behaviors, and attitudes that will help them in middle school and throughout their lives. 

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