Will Bullying Prevention Help?

Studies have shown that bullying prevention can be very effective in reducing bullying and related antisocial behavior of school children. In places where bullying prevention has been used, bullying has been reduced by 25% to 50%. Children and school personnel involved in the program reported that they felt more positive about school.

We Will:
  • Teach students that ignoring the bully, or trying to work it out with the bully, is not effective.
  • Be sure that students know that there are many adults within the school and community to whom they can come when reporting an incident of bullying and that we will protect them.
  • Support classroom rules consistently.
  • Thoroughly train all adults concerning bullying prevention and provide specific strategies to intervene effectively and consistently.
  • Teach all students that bullying is destructive to both the victim and the bully.
  • Teach coping strategies via planned discussions.
  • Provide positive ways for students to resolve conflicts and problems.
  • Reinforce the firm and clear message that bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

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