Web Sites About Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

American School Health Association

The ASHA is a multidisciplinary organization of school-related professionals that promotes youth health through coordinated school health programs.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

This site provides information and tools that can be used by school professionals, parents, and community leaders to build an effective and sustainable prevention infrastructure.

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

CAMY is a research and advocacy organization at Georgetown University concerned with how the alcohol industry‚Äôs marketing practices affect youth. From this site you can find offending ads, related research reports, fact sheets, and press reports, and learn how you can take action.

Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America

CADCA supports more than 5,000 community anti-drug coalitions by offering related resources and facilitating communication between multiple sectors of communities to coordinate their anti-drug efforts.

Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse Information

This online resource center sponsored by the nonprofit Partnership for a Drug-Free America, translates the latest science and research on teen behavior, addiction, and treatment into tips and tools for easy use by parents and teachers.


The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign created Freevibe for teens to get scientifically accurate drug information, games, and tips for leading a healthy life and rejecting drugs.

Join Together

Join Together, a program of Boston University School of Public Health, provides information, strategic planning assistance, and leadership development for community-based efforts to advance effective alcohol and drug policy, prevention, and treatment. Users can sign up to receive a daily or weekly email news update, weekly funding news, and a monthly treatment practitioner's research bulletin.

Monitoring the Future

This site provides access to publications about Monitoring the Future's ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American secondary school students, college students, and young adults.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

This government site provides a wide range of information about substance abuse prevention and addiction treatment for educators and program coordinators.

National Inhalant Prevention Coalition

NIPC works with several groups throughout the country to educate and devise awareness and prevention campaigns designed to educate youth and adults about the debilitating effects of inhalants.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

NIDA is a government agency that conducts and disseminates research on drug abuse to improve prevention, treatment, and policy related to drug abuse and addiction. This site provides information and resources on this research.

NIDA for Teens

This National Institute on Drug Abuse site gives age-appropriate interactive information about the science behind drug abuse for youth in fifth through ninth grade.

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

This section of the CDC's site provides data and statistics on priority health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death, disability, and social problems among youth and adults.

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